It is a standard operating procedure to mark the ticket as CLOSED/RESOLVED after reading and responding, here are the reasons why:

+ The inquiry has been answered, whether to your satisfaction or not , you can still reply with a follow up that is why the system will generate a notification:

Dear <Your name>,  Your ticket -<Title> -  has been closed.  We hope that the ticket was resolved to your satisfaction. If you feel that the ticket should not be closed or if the ticket has not been resolved, please reply to this email.

+You can always request or make new tickets, remember, at most 50 new tickets arrive each day, if you used the previous one, it might not be immediately noticed or attended to since it is in a numerical order.

Ticket: -  order number of  the ticket


+ Some tickets will be merged with the primary ticket especially if you sent more than one ticket with the same issue

+ Some tickets will be CLOSED if no response for more than 8 hours, but you can still re Open this ticket by just replying

You are all valued customers, we will attend to you as soon as we can and rest assured we will provide the best customer support.